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Oriental Arts - Chinese Antique Accessories

Chinese Antique Accessories, perhaps more than anything else, tell the story of daily life in the Qing Dynasty and the unique sense of form that makes Chinese antiques so compelling and Delightful.
Baskets, jewellery boxes, food containers, lunch boxes, birdcages, calligraphy brushes, brush pots, rice baskets... there is a rich variety of these smaller items and they speak volumes.

Rice containers, for example, come in several sizes and shapes, often with painted exteriors. Red wedding baskets were taken to a bride on her wedding day and contained food or a small gift. Rice baskets with a thick weave transported grain from the market. And birdcages came in small, delicate sizes for grandfathers to take their pet birds out for a daily walk.
Document boxes designed to double as pillows tell us something of the dangers of travel in China. These boxes let travellers sleep on their valuables. Clever jewellery boxes could open to reveal both a hidden mirror and hidden compartments to store valuables.
And leather boxes made to hold a lady's hair ornaments or accessories were often painted with scenes of children at play or groups of ladies at their leisure.
But more than utility, these accessories display wonderful shapes. The wedding baskets with hourglass handles. The rice measures shaped somewhat like a beehive. Necklace boxes in the form of a donut! Words fall short in these descriptions, so peruse through the photographs of some of our favourites. And imagine them on the tabletops, on the floor in the corner of the living room, flanking a sideboard in the dining room, accenting a bookshelf almost anywhere.

This category includes a range of new hand made Chinese Style Gifts and Homeware. This classical style range of collections are made using old traditional Chinese techniques, which was developed 1200-1500 years ago in the Tang Dynasty Era, painted and embossed on Leather wood box. These days the old technique has been used for a wide range of new design items including furniture.

The leather is wrapped around the wood and bound tightly so that the skin is smooth and perfectly formed to the piece. Stylish brass fixtures and handles complete the exterior. Inside the boxes are lined with aged Chinese paper filled with characters, adding to the authenticity and feel of the products.

Front and sides of most of pieces are painted with beautiful and traditional Chinese paintings of golden Butterflies, Birds flying beyond flowers, golden Dragonflies flying beyond lotus, or elegant Peacock etc. In Chinese culture, these all represent luck and happiness. Also, lacquer had put on the paintings for protection.

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